Just uploaded a couple of works in progress from our latest recording project. Shoot us some feedback and let us know what you think.
05/15/2014 - Our sixth year at the  Northwest Pilot Project's Walk-a-Thon fundraiser was a rain out but our buddy Rick Gordon at American Made Sound saved the day by providing tunes for all of the participants. Thanks Rick, you rock!
NWPP raised $165,000.00 at this year's walk. If you would like more information on NWPP and how you can get involved see our links page.


8/26/13 - Please join us in supporting a great local talent and very dear friend; John Reynolds.
John has recently been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia. which is a severe neurologic disease involving degeneration of the cerebellum. James Faretheewell, Artichoke Music and The Jeremy Wilson Foundation have begun a fundraising effort on John's behalf. There will be a benefit concert Saturday September 7th at Artichoke Music with the proceeds going to the Jeremy Wilson Foundation in John's behalf.

8/20/13 - Looks like we have been invited back to Kennedy School to participate in the 2013 Multnomah Bar Association Battle of the Lawyer Bands. Last we got beat by guys wearing red suspenders. This year we are playing for keeps. This is a fundraiser for the Multnomah Bar Civic Foundation Fund. Check out our gig page for details

8/16/13 - Thursday is the new Friday night. Your Place in Salem was jumping last night. Our debut gig down south was worth the trip. We are planning a return visit soon. Thanks to all of our Salem supporters for coming out and sharing the evening with us.

8/12/13 - Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 5th because we just got word that we will be back at the Portland Fresh Hops Fest at Oaks Park.  We will pass out more information once we get it.

7/21/13 - Kicking off the weekend early at Your Place in Salem on August 15th. It's an early show so if you work in Salem stop by on your way home. Check out our Gigs page for details.       

4/30/13 - We are back at Seven Corners Bar & Grill this Saturday. Hope to see you all there.

3/28/13 - A great time was had by all at the Seven Corners last Saturday night. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, we had a blast. We are looking at another show there next month. Stay tuned for details.

1/24/13 - Just booked a show at the Seven Corners Bar and Grill for Saturday March 23rd. Check out our gig page for more info.
1/13/13 - Time to start booking gigs! We have finally worked the kinks out and are ready to get out and play some tunes. Watch your email for upcoming show news.

12/01/12 - Looks like we are on for next year's Northwest Pilot Project Walk-a-thon. Next years event is Sunday, May 5th at the quad at Portland State. This is a fun event that raises a ton of money for the Northwest Pilot Project who have been assisting Portland's less fortunate since 1969.  For more info on how you can get involved with NWPP please see our links page.

10/22/12 - Many thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the Portland Fresh Hops Fest on October 6th. We manuvered our way through our debut performance without a hitch. Special thanks to the Pagan Jug Band and Righteous Consent for sharing the stage with us.




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